Even the highest quality garage doors would need periodic maintenance. At some point, there may come at a time when experiencing problems or difficulties to the operation the norm. If that is so, then it is recommended to check the springs of the garage doors to see if they are working as well as they should.

Why is it important to check the quality of the springs? These springs support the garage door and allow it to be opened or closed. That is why when problems with opening or closing the garage door are encountered, it is best to consult and ask professional technicians to check what is wrong with the springs and how best to fix them.

If there is a need for professional technicians with a lot of experience and know how in fixing or repairing broken springs, then there's a good solution. Our garage door repair broken spring technicians are the ones homeowners in need should call in this type of situation. They are thoroughly capable of handling all broken spring concerns and issues, whether the garage door uses the torsion spring system or the extension spring system. It does not matter if these springs are installed in old or if the garage doors are not properly maintained. Just give them a call, and they will inspect and make the right recommendations from their expert analysis.

What are the differences of the two spring systems? Pulleys and counterbalance cables are used in the extension spring system. It would be easy to know if this is the spring system used in a garage door when it can be clearly seen that the springs are on a horizontal track. If they do not function as well as they should then it is time that professional technicians are called in to perform quality repair work on the broken springs.

The garage door may also be using the torsion spring system. It is easy to know if this is the case if a steel centre shaft with strings wound around it can be seen. A winding cone is under tension with a stationary cone holding the spring. The springs unwind when the doors are opened and the tension forces lift the door. The cables unwrap and the springs are rewound when the doors are closed.

Although the life span of a torsion spring can last 15,000 to 30,000 cycles, this may dramatically go down if the garage door is weighed down more heavily and if they are not properly maintained. They may also malfunction if they are not properly looked after. Because these are important components of the garage door, it is important to have these checked.

If there is a need for spring adjustments or need to have the springs replaced, only our garage door repair broken springs technicians can do the job well. No ifs, no buts, just 100% quality work guaranteed from the experts in repairs that care for their customers.